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Supamoss Offers Floral Industry, Garden Centers New Basket/Container Liner Alternative

Point Roberts, WA – March 19, 2009 – Garden centers, hardware stores, and floral shops throughout the United States now have a new basket/container liner alternative.  Supamoss liners look like natural moss, but retain a fresh appearance throughout the seasons. Made from reclaimed fibers, this product is truly friendly to the environment.

“Supamoss lining material provides excellent water retention, sufficient drainage, holds its shape in large containers and is suitable for hanging baskets or patio planters,” said Gary Lenderman, founder of Enchanted Forest Nursery in Richmond, TX.  “We had so many problems with sphagnum moss and coconut mat liners that we stopped carrying those and now strictly offer Supamoss.  Our customers love it because it’s easy to use, not to mention that the birds and squirrels don’t pick at it, and the elements don’t diminish the natural look of the liner.”

While Supamoss excels as a liner for living plant containers and fresh cut flowers, it is also an excellent choice for silk and dried floral arrangements. "Supamoss can be used just as natural sheet moss or Spanish moss in silk or dried arrangements and garden baskets.  Just line an open-weave container with Supamoss.  Anchor the moss to the styrofoam with pole pins; "bunch up" the moss on top for a natural mounded look. There's no dust or loose moss to spill from the arrangement," said Carol Young, Carol Designs, Houston, TX.

According to Dana Flores, Supamoss Gulf Coast Sales Representative, “We know Supamoss is the answer for so many garden center-type businesses who are tired of dealing with other messy liners that are difficult to use and do not hold up to inclement weather, etc.  We’re so sure of our product that we offer a free sample for clients to try before they buy.  When they see it and can try it, we know the next step is buying it.”

Supamoss is manufactured in the UK and exclusively distributed by Cartanna International Sales. For more information, please visit

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